We only use quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes. free range Lamb, beef, and chicken and locally grown produce are the keys to our quality. You can taste t​he difference for yourself.
PLate'o Gyros OPA!!

Traditional grecian delights

Welcome to Plate'O Gyros mobile food carts, Houston's first and only mobile Grecian food cart. As a part of your neighborhood, we're proud to provide you with the most superior service and authentic homemade Grecian cuisine around.

From start to finish, you're sure to enjoy unparalleled gyros, pastries, and Greek dips. Relax and enjoy convenience at your fingertips with all of your Greek favorites at Plate'O Gyros!



Monday - Friday: 6:30am-10am


Monday - Sunday: 11am-3pm

Late Night:

Thurs, Fri, Sat: 8pm - 2:30am


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